Top 10 MLM Company In India

Mlm company is one of the biggest opportunity in India. In this article we will be discussed about the Top 10 Multi Level Marketing company in India 2020. The direct selling companies and Multi level Marketing Companies provide their products and the services to the consumer. We all know that the mlm company Multi level marketing companies do not do advertising and it depends upon the face to face publicity by the users. This distributor does not pay for the advertising of this phenomena. But it makes their members for our commissions.

Top 10 MLM Company In India

Top 10 MLM Company in India - Networking Marketing 2020

Mlm company is one of the biggest opportunity in India. In this article we will be discussed about the Top 10 mlm company in India 2020. The direct selling companies and mlm company provide their products and the services to the consumer. 

We all know that the mlm company do not do advertising and it depends upon the face to face publicity by the users. This distributor does not pay for the advertising of this phenomena. But it makes their members for our commissions.

Now we are discussed about the best mlm company in India and top 10 Multi Level marketing companies in India

Company List :

1. Fashion Suiting Pvt. Ltd.(Rcm)

It is selling our Products as the name of Rcm Business (Right Concept Marketing). This company is the first in our list. The improvement of this company is too good. It is a business in which network marketing of a product is done in such a manner that the monopoly of a particular person is avoided and opportunity is given to the unlimited number of the person to carry out a business. 

Everyone does it while helping others because the benefits of all are interrelated. No capital shop staff or experience is required to do this business. There is no risk , no boundation of time, one can utilize the sphere time and in a short period one can achieve so much , which is difficult to achieve even in a year of full time job.

 Men or women young or old, all can do it equally well without any problem and the disturbance in their present job/business. In this business a consumer makes a decision to buy the product not due to big advertisement but due to the quality of the product, the opinion and the satisfaction of the other consumers who are using the products.

You have to make a small decision to use Rcm Product because they are original with a high standard of quality and responsible pricing along with the source of the Extra income.

This way they also start to buy the product and in the same way your friends also convey their views to their friends and relatives. Thus the company does not require any type of the advertisement, any marketing agent , any area distributor or retailer for selling the products. Company saves a lot of the amount and the distributors it to you and your friends . Day by day as your group expands and your income will increase.

Learn more about  RCM Business

2. Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

It started its operations in the year of 2004, is leading the direct selling mlm company dealing at the world class of the wellness products.Vestige is continuously growing at the very high rate of the range. The growth rate in quality of the products becomes the marketing program and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system.

Vestige company is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in the world class service levels to all the customers.Vestige believes in the empowering of the members with the opportunity to lead their lives on their own terms.

3. Amway India Private Limited

Amway is a very good company. Amway is a well known and representative sector in the Indian direct selling. Amway’s customers' culture have been emotionally attached with the firm of the products and the company presented in an alignment way.

The direct selling company earned a revenue of 9.5 billions dollars in 2015 by selling its products to the consumer. And the current of this multi level marketing company is more than 9 billions of dollars.

This company was founded by Van and Rich in 1959. This company has become one of the most successful direct selling companies in India. The more popular product of the Amway company is Amway is Amway Queen and Nutrilite etc products.Amway entered the Indian market in 1998. The company also sells its own water purified under the brand name e spring by the apart from various products in the categories like health cleaning and the health related product.

4. Modicare Private Limited

The company Modicare is founded by Sameer Modi in one of the fastest growing multi level marketing companies in india. This offers a wide range of products from many of the categories like Wellness, skin care home kitchen care and health care many of the products. This Modicare’s company plan is more unique which is known as “ Azadi Plan “.

The Modicare consultant you can buy the products at the twenty and twenty five percent cheaper to sell it at the huge of the profit to the other earning of the twenty five percent 5 b. Consultant with the highest sale volume and the awarded power bonus which can be benefited at the 5% to the 20% depending upon the business volume.

You earn the commission upon your level in the organization.

It gets the performance bonus at the range of 7-22%. The other bonus theatre director bonus at 14%. Leadership productivity bonus in 15 %.

5.Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi lifestyle is one of the best multi level marketing companies in India.The Mi lifestyle company was founded in 2013. After some time it becomes a most powerful multi level marketing company in India. This Mi lifestyle company refers to the many products related to health care and lifestyle related products. If you want to register in a Mi lifestyle company then you become an independent distributor. You need to purchase some products around 1000 rupees to become a distributor in Mi lifestyle.

The Mi lifestyle company deals with the high range of quality lifestyle products for day to day life. The aim of this marketing company is to deliver the best product for their consumer who forms the branch of the direct seller.

6. IMC

IMC stands for the "International Marketing corporation Private limited". It is an Indian direct selling Multi level marketing company. IMC was founded in 2007 and now is a leading direct selling company in India. The quality of the international Marketing Corporation is very good and the result is very good. If you want to enroll in this company then you can simply be sinister to this company without any fear.

7.NASWIZ Retails

This company is offered the premium quality of the products on the website diversified ranges of the category. It has many products related to women clothing, footwear accessories and personal care . It sells the product under its own level and offers the handsome commission to its distributors for the sale of many more.The marketing plan of the NASWIZ retails the distributors and also represtie the quality of the products. The earning potential is too big in this concept.

The retailing of the NASWIZ was started in 2011, and it made a name in the direct selling industry. It is too big an opportunity. The story of this company is featured in the magazine. Naswiz retails as one of the founder members of the FDSA. 

8. Herbalife

Herbalife is one of the most powerful companies in India . This company was founded in the 1980. The products' quality are exclusive and amazing.It's more than 2.3 million independent associates and in more than 90 countries all over the world.

This company actually works on the big and the thin people. Herbalife company also works on nutrition products . It's all product is on the base of the Nutrition without any side effect for the body.. The purpose and unique value of this company.

This company makes healthy distributors at a wide range of value. The people are more happier with its products. The products of this company are too good.

This company gives you a big opportunity. If you want to register in this company then you will go it's official website and enroll in it.


Safeshop is one of the big multi level and direct selling companies in India. This company was started on 14th december 2000. And this company was registered under company act 1956. The company Safeshop is works only six major concept that is given below

  • Education
  • Health and Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Garments for Woman’s and Mens 
  • Home Kitchen Lifestyle

These are  the six major categories of the procut in which it is work.This networking Marketing or multilevel marketing company had been 50+ companies in the partnership.  This company is the most popular company in India.The payout of the company is checked weekly on Tuesday.

10. Forever Living Product

This company was founded in 1978 and located in Scottsdale, Arizona forever living Products. The group of this company is too large. It makes our product with aloe vera. All products are made on Aloe Vera. It is work on Alovera 

The forever living India has big plans of the pure aloe vera.When it works on converting the carbon dioxide to oxygen, 20 aloe vera plants are able to convert the same amount of  carbon dioxide as one tree.. The Forever living India Product gives the big opportunity to grow yourself.

It's our nature to share the good things . If you want to join this company then you will join easily from its official website.

So these are the “Top 10 Multi Level Marketing Company In India”. So, this is the most important thing or knowledge that I shared with you.